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A widely adopted route to reduce NOx emissions is exhaust gas recirculation (EGR). This involves the recirculation of a controllable proportion of the engine exhaust back into the intake air. Normally a valve is used to control the gas flow, and the valve can be completely closed if necessary.

The replacement of the burned gas (which does not take any more part in the combustion) for the oxygen-rich air reduces the proportion of the cylinder content available for combustion. This causes a correspondingly lower heat release temperature and cylinder peak temperature, and reduces NOx formation. The presence of an inert gas in the cylinder further limits the maximum temperature (more than the throttling only in a spark ignition engine).

The gas to be recirculated can also pass through an EGR cooler, which is usually of the air / water type. This reduces the temperature of the gas, which reduces the loading temperature of the cylinder when EGR is used. This has two benefits: the reduction of the charging temperature results in a lower peak temperature and the higher density of the cooled EGR gas allows a higher proportion of EGR. In a diesel engine the recirculated fraction can be as high as 50% under some operating conditions.


Here at Quantum Tuning we have a very advanced solution for EGR. The valves can get stuck with carbon deposits, causing failures or adhesions, thus causing error codes and the vehicle not working properly. Our software solution to deactivate the EGR valve is a simple and effective method to improve the efficiency of your engine.


Modern engines recirculate part of their exhaust gases in the engine in order to reduce emissions. This is the main benefit of the EGR system. The drawback is that the exhaust gases containing carbon deposits are constantly recirculated through the engine over time causing an accumulation of carbon deposits in the intake manifold, etc.

These deposits sometimes contribute to the failure of the EGR system itself. Replacement EGR valves can be expensive and in the case of high mileage engines, continuous carbon buildup can eventually lead to total engine failure.

Removing the EGR system By eliminating the exhaust inlet and reprogramming the engine management ECU, engine temperatures are reduced, the response and economy of the throttle are improved, and engine life can also be extended by reducing oil contamination and carbon deposits.


The EGR theory works by sending a small part of the exhaust of inactive gas back to the cylinders of a vehicle, thus expelling insignificant toxins in the environment. This reduces the heat of combustion but the same amount of pressure is still applied to this piston while reducing the amount of excess oxygen before combustion. Some studies on diesel engines show that the portion of nitrous oxide gas emissions is definitely reduced through the use of EGR, however smoke density concentrations can actually increase. Therefore, it seems that there is more and less depending on what is important to you in your specific vehicle

In general, a motor recirculates the exhaust gases by pipe from the exhaust manifold to the intake manifold. This design is called external EGR. A control valve (EGR valve) inside the circuit regulates and times the gas flow. Some engines incorporate a camshaft with relatively large overlap during which both the intake valve and the exhaust valve are open, thus trapping the exhaust gases inside the cylinder by not ejecting it completely during the exhaust stroke.

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