Disposal of the electronic immobilizer

Most of the vehicles produced since the middle of the year 2000 incorporate an anti-theft system called an electronic immobilizer. This system has the function of authorizing the vehicle to start once it has recognized the key with which it is trying to start the vehicle. Each manufacturer incorporates its own immobilization system, with its software and different peculiarities, but ultimately, the operation of the immobilization system is common for all of them, depending on the vehicle, the ignition key sends an electronic signal to the instrument panel, to the body computer or to a specific switchboard of the immobilizer system through a transponder built into the key itself and once this signal is recognized, it does start and we can start our route normally.

In the event of a breakdown or malfunction of the electronic immobilizer, it is possible that the vehicle starts for a few seconds, and then shuts down while in other vehicles, it is totally impossible to start the vehicle.

The solution to the problems of the Immobilizer system are usually associated with relatively expensive repairs, change of keys and their coding, change of the instrument panel, reaching in extreme cases the change of the engine control unit (ECU).

The Immo-Off / Immo-Delete / Clear-Immo intervention is advisable in certain situations, in order to avoid costly repairs.

Loss of keys

Replacement of the Electronic Engine Control Center (ECU) for a second-hand

Avoid replacing dashboard or receiving antenna in case of malfunction

Need for multiple copies (mainly in company vehicles) avoids the purchase of original keys and their encoding

Incorporation of remote start after market solutions


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